WOYWW #296 {before & after}

I am having computer issues at home with my laptop right now so will be trying to peek in during the down times at work. 

Last week I showed you the coffee table because, I have been trying to figure out how to store pl type scrap papers in the real world ( where my dog and husband and lots of dust enter) and then last weekend I had enough and emptied out one drawer completely and part of a second drawer of stamped images I had horse traded for years ago. 

so, this is the during "before" and below was the after by tuesday evening I had a desktop again and was able to open happy mail and not feel like it was going to be lost. I had some people who were interested in these so, they will have happy mails soon. 

these were the beginnings of some cards I made on tuesday evening will do another post with the finished cards later after work. You can see those here

all 4 of the wooden sewing machine drawers that were holding these cards have been moved to this one drawer. this was shot before I trimmed the divider tags down so the drawer could be closed. peeking out of the corner is some hot press watercolor paper that is Huge. (and will not fit in the paper trimmer this way) I have since read that people "fold " it some how so, eventually I will try that. If you'd like to play along with us this blog hop of desk's & crafty spaces starts at our hostess Julia's blog found here. Thanks for stopping by! 


Sharon Madson said...

I imagine those cards with the lace will be really pretty! Thank you for your earlier visit. #32

Katie Bolinger said...

Your PL card storage is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration.

jan spencer said...

You certainly did some tidying Stacey, always feels good when it's finished.
I'd love to see the finished cards with the lace.
Thanks for your visit earlier
Jan S. No 55

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think if that first photo were my desk, I'd just burn the house down. LOL! Not to say I haven't made a huge mess/reorganization before, it is just I can't fathom having to deal with one now.

Anyway, the after photo is looking real good! That will be nice to use where you can find and easily access things.

The lacey cards look like they will be real winners.

pearshapedcrafting said...

It's great what a bit of a sort out can do! I know I have along way to to go but what I have done so far has freed up my mind so much!! Happy WOYWW Chris 43

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Stacy, sounds like you've really got your stuff sorted and under control. Given me food for thought about all those previously stamped images. And thanks for visiting my place, cheers and enjoy your cleared desk RobynO#20

Queenie Jeannie said...

Great job on the organization!!! I think you'll be a much happier crafter now! Have a wonderful wekk & God bless!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #9

Eliza said...

Wow what a work horse you have been to get all that done, I am seriously impressed a job well done. Love how you have labelled everything into categories, if it works stick with it. Thanks for sharing and visiting already and have a wonderful week crafting.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 21

Eliza said...


I forgot to add Yoda is not the only cat, I have Ditto the orange one who rules the house and another that loves my husband only his name is Tommy then Yoda the rescue cat. I also have a dog Charlie who is old and I am his master. Yoda is always with me and Charlie is not far away either.

Hugs Eliza

Carmen said...

I love that drawer unit - good job on getting your PL stuff organised into it :)

Carmen x #53

glitterandglue said...

Amazing organisation. Do you happen to live any where near here?
Thanks for visiting and for your comments. The wavy blanket has already gone - someone at church yesterday saw it and bought it for Parental Care Ministries - does that mean I get the chance to make another, do you suppose???
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7