WOYWW #269 Piles and more Piles

Hi welcome to this week's mess, If you'd like to play along and show us what you are playing with the link up for this blog hop starts at Julia's blog seen here

as dark as this is would you believe there are 3 ott lights shining on this table and an over head ceiling light too. I am seeing the piles start creeping onto the cutting mat so, this is usually my cue to start putting more things away. which so far so good, after each sample is done the stamps are cleaned and most the tools and such have been put away. its the scraps that do me in, for a while I will dig through them then they become too messy and need dealt with.

so, since last week. I still do not have an entire Penny Black background cut from its interlocking circles die, but I did receive happy mail from My Favorite Things and I got the mini chicken wire background die finally and it cuts just fine. YAY. finally dug that wordy stencil out to play with I got a while ago now and so, this is something #2 ( #1 was so ugly it got tossed already) and yes, I know paper is double sided. eventually I will figure out a look for it I like. The crackle rock candy distress paint did not do what I wanted it to do in my head either so that bottle has been put away now and I'm down to the ranger crackle accents to see what it will do. ( eventually ) still doing Dirty samples so, I can have more time to leave love in the gallery while it's live. 

this particular round I decided to try taping the stencil to the mat and trace around the inside with a black fine tip sharpie marker over the paint (that was over the dylusions spray) so, either it was a dying sharpie or it doesn't like paint. I ended up hauling this in the house after and tracing around it all with an Micron Pen and that was much better for the definition with the blacks. 

this particular stencil is made by a company called the crafters workshop, its an 6" version. ( they also make 12" versions) and the line is called Zenspirations. hope this helps. :) 


Anonymous said...

What a great stencil - and even with all the desk hopping not one I have EVER seen before. But my word 3 OTT lights?? you must get a tan every time you sit at your desk....

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (5)

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Stacy....I love your desk...reminds me on mine..the piles :-) all the stuff gets put away except the piles, now I have a second place to file them and I don't think it's working either. I do love all your dies there and that stencil is fabulous, great idea to trace around with fine black, cheers have a great week RobynO#29

Sharon Madson said...

I love all the neat things on your desk, especially the stencils. I have 2 ott lights and a over head and another desk one, and still I like more light to see what I am doing! Can't wait for us to get Dirty this week-end! :) #28

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my gosh, I need to know who makes that stencil please!! me and Mary Anne prolly ought to have one, it's delightful, and even though it caused you a pen problem, your treatment with the paint looks gorgeous. And hey, if it's not encroaching and we can't see it...it can't be real mess!!

Angela Radford said...

I don't recognise that stencil at all but I like it LOL!
Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #38

glitterandglue said...

Hello Stacy. I love that stencil - I had treated myself to it only last week - not got around to using it yet, though. I like the encroaching method! If it encroaches, then it's time to clear up a bit. Golly - I really need to clear up then!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1

Neet said...

Love the colours under that great stencil you are using. Also love the craft mat - am into Lime at the moment - big way!
Thanks for visiting me earlier, sorry I am so late I have been on holiday - Hugs, Neet xx

sandra de said...

Hello Stacy, thanks for dropping by and saying hello. I am so late this week crazy work and not crafty fun. I only have one Ott light and I can't imagine working with 3. Love the stencil.
Sandra de @52

Ohhh Snap said...

I have had more crafting experiences than I care to remember where things went along those lines lol. The piece is stunning though, and no one will ever know unless you tell them :D. Love that stencil! And is that a PTI hexacon cover plate? (I've been pining, but I keep getting distracted by things like SAF and the Make It Markets lol. (Who needs food?)

The fun foam under the non-stick mat works well and it actually takes less time to slide it under and out again then it does to scrub it. And it really does improve my stamping quality. I just have to remember to bring it out before I use my zig glue pens (why isn't it starting??? oh yeah!) and fold a crease in a card fold (why is it bending like that ??? oh yeah). Thanks for visiting me earlier in the week! #37