Copper Gifts

So, it's really Loll's fault you see it started like this. I am lucky enough to spread happy mail in the galleries on Sunday for the favorites of the week thread. and I happened to have Loll's name again recently and of course she has so many stunning pieces of Art you can find her blog here. and so, I spun my laptop around and showed hubs. ( knowing that we had stainless steel and brass shim stock) I said, does brass change colors like copper? and he said it changes colors but, not like copper...) so, I dismissed it and didn't think about it again. but, last night hubs came home with this red box and I thought oh, he hauled home parts for ( something who knows he has tons of projects on going all the time) but, he handed it to me and I could read the words. oh WOW. this box was purchased at McMaster-Carr ( here # 9709k62) ( but the roll is 50" long .005 thick) so, in theory it should last me forever I hope. so, I cut off a 4" wide piece on my 

regular guillotine (Xacto) paper cutter just a cheap one from staples it's holding up better/longer than any of the ones I bought from scrap companies. and then diecut a corner with a Penny Black dancing leaves die.

I did not use any wax paper or anything between the copper and the die. it came out looking de-bossed but, it was cut. I had to you know wiggle it back and forth ( slowly to remove the diecut from the scraps) I have had nasty metal cuts before so, I probably went more slowly than necessary but, no blood is staining the mat or the carpet either. I think I can get something tiny cut out of the scrap on the left maybe a bitty heart or something.

I think I read that Loll uses a butane torch, but I stole this ( see above) propane torch from hub's garage and it worked just fine too. this particular one you can adjust the flame. so, the hardest part about that was the tweezers I have for papercrafting that are completely metal were really hard to hold the die cut with it kept slipping so, I did it in the air the same way I melt embossing powders not laying direct on the table ( mostly because, mine is plastic the smell would be horrendous best guess) I think there may be a learning curve to it too, I started in that top left corner with the leaves and then moved downwards I think you need to remove the copper from the flame the instant you see it change because, if you leave it in the flames it loses that color change ( which is why the center left side has no cool-ness going on) I have no idea if there are instructions for this kind of thing "out there" in the internet but, for my self I learn things better by just doing them so I didn't look either. haha I found a link to Loll's blog ( see above) and in her side bar there is a link she made to a tutorial for this very thing, I guess I should go peek at it and see if there are "V-8 moment" tips.

This card is slightly wider than A-6 its 4 3/4" x 6" in real life, the base is bazzill, the hardwood was heat embossed with some distress weathered wood powder on neenah tarragon cover sheet. so it has that totally touching sand paper feel in real life. the sentiment banner is part of a package of them (50) in a pack made by recollections. the ribbon came to me tied to an Easter gift and I think it's from SU. the copper panel is stardream and shimmers in real life. the bad thing about this is, now I think I need more "nature/ leaf type dies" ( I have lots of labels and things to mat fancy with) I'm rolling my eyes here. 

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Super Jen said...

You definitely need more nature dies. I would like to see a butterfly!