HYCCT {the end}

Monday's challenge was to make an treat container that was Pink, silver white & black and glamourous...
I don't know if this fit for glam... but it is fairly pretty. 

had to go to the store for a treat for it, used early grey tea for one pocket ( the card goes in the back pocket) and found that Almond Roca comes in an mostly Pink wrapper... so, it fits the one that holds 3 treats in the pack.

just another view I dont normally make 3-d things but, this did come together very easy you can view an tutorial on sc magnolia's blog and she has a link to an  you tube video for it. 

Tuesday's challenge was to do something with clay, cork or canvas... the larger tag is actual canvas. ( cant think of who the mfg for that is anymore) this one is A-2 in real life. 

Wednesday's challenge was to be inspired by a walk through the woods... I don't live in the woods so, chances are what I will see walking in my neighborhood is mailboxes and flowerbeds... 

what this box looks like with a month's worth of challenges inside. 

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