2012 Shepherds Market Booth

Friday AM before it opened, ended up moving the ladder a little bit more side ways through out the day and such and there are less gift tags that usual. So today what I seen is most of the  ( what I think of as the COOL tags are gone and the better part of the Christmas cards are gone ) and I think this time around I am selling more full sized cards then tags. ( so far)
 And I am too tired to go see about making just a few more. 
and no one seem's interested in Thanksgiving this year ( so of course I have lots for that lol) 

Click any photo to enlarge them. This booth is in the hallway between the cafeteria and Gym at Hosanna Christian School. 

I have also had people remove the labels ( the ones in the suitcases that say these are Christmas cards these are birthday cards ) the ones on those big green clothes pins. ( people think they are "cute")

Saturday we will be open 9 am - 5 pm if you end up out and about stop by and say Hey!

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