Tea Bag gift holders

These use the same pattern as the one linked to in the HYCCT post with the glamour treat gift challenge. It was pointed out to me these would be really cool to have in the booth ( before it happened) so out of curiousity I asked oh what would you pay for something like this. was immediately told oh 1.50 tops... so I had to grin and say well... double sided printed paper costs a dollar a sheet. and this pretty much uses the entire sheet. so this costs more than 1.50 to make... Perhaps its an idea for next year but, maybe only having one filled with treats as an "idea" and then selling the others empty may work in that price range but, it would be a matter of finding nice paper you wanted to do it with for less than retail I guess.

these had ghirardelli squares in the center for the treats. used them as little personal thank-you's. 

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