Shepherd's Marked Continued

these may just be blurry if enlarged. (not sure) eyes are tired and hand held the larger len's I usually use for my cards. didn't want to drag a tripod along because, there was really no where to hide one in the booth. 

re-organized everything just a tad Sat am before it opened. It was a busy (shorter) day :) 

You should probably know I don't count anything before I go and I don't count anything I come home with ( like how many of each kind of card) I can tell you that the three suitcases were very very full when I left and now all that is left over is in two of them with room to spare. ( so, they are the base seeds of next year's booth) Every year I do this what sell's best is the Christmas gift tags. followed by Christmas cards than Birthday cards. I believe I now have something like 4 birthday cards in my stash to start over again. Christmas I will probably mail away my self and will have to wait until I'm done with addressing envelopes to know if there are any left for next year. 

started moving some cards to the back of the lid up out of the bottoms today too. ( which got more attention) at the end of the afternoon a gal from the school was going around the booths asking vendors if they "thought" they would come back for a Spring time booth same stuff, same space but to hold before mothers day... this was a fishing expedition to see if there was enough interest for them to round up volunteers to open the school. the hard part about this for me is... if I were to do this, I'd have to start today to have enough cards to fill the gap in the booth for a spring time display and I am usually starting the fantasy things now for the ren faires. decisions decisions.  


maria f. said...

Enjoyed viewing your photos of the market. Lovely display. Wonder what you sold the most of?

Kathy H said...

Wow lots of goodies here! Great pictures!