The Roof is On tonight

 Second row went on the base

Corner facing south east

 The wind was whipping, this is being held in place temp. by rebar stakes. when its totally done the inside and outside black base is buried with compost/dirt.

 Facing north west, that wind.

 and then an amazing thing happened. 10 guys came and helped Tim put the roof on.
(he asked 10 people hoping to get 6 to show up)
WOW hunh?

and just like that, now the doors can be assembled and hung, the side lever windows need installed, the roof windows need put on again. ( yesterday the wind blew two of the windows off and Tim had to melt plastic ( IE weld the plastic ) back together to fix them. they will have solar panel things that will auto open all the windows as needed when the temp. gets to what ever you set it to. the tables are assembled and in the garage.

getting there. just like that, and Thanks so much to the people who did come over :)

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