Sundays Garden Snapshots

 This kit came with automatic window openers that open the windows if the temp. gets too hot inside. there are solar things for the lights that are mostly to keep the batteries charged for the lights. they dont actually run on solar power.

 we made a run to home depot looking for pavers and only found pebble ones so after lunch we went by Diamonds with the same thought and these grapes followed us home. all these years we've thought oh we have to wait till we have a greenhouse to get grape vines but, the people there were like no, you have to put these outside the greenhouse so the air will circulate.

 he's holding one of the light boxes.

 has rain gutters too.

 and clips that hold the doors open if you want.

 Pear trees are all abloom now too.

 Side view from the house.

looking south slightly east view

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Jennifer said...

Oh Stacy!! WOW! Your greenhouse is wonderful!!