More Lace

 So last weekends finds was mostly lace, and no I did not buy everything I seen, I was mostly picky with bolts and then only bought one grab box. ( the box is still half full of ruffled pieces, I did pick through it and kept a few ruffled pieces but, I think most of what's left in the box will go through my yardsale pile.)
So Saturday after we got home the guys went fishing and I started winding it onto vintage bobbins and round clothes pins. this was all I got wrapped. as you can see, I didn't finish it but Imogene wanted a peek. so here ya go. this is this week's project. hopefully can get it all done and put away and have some free time this weekend to play but, we told people we were staying home and not going camping like usual so family is headed this way now.
enjoy and you can click the photos to make them larger, tried making these photos a tad lighter in lightroom since people with desktop monitors are seeing my shots so dark ( don't know why) has to be a monitor setting some how.  The digital thing drives me batty some days.


Janice M said...

WOW Stacy!!! Awesome finds! I was feeling good about the little bits I found the last 2 times I was out but NOTHING like this!! Specially love that danty mauve colored stuff!

Jennifer said...

Stacy, what wonderful finds! I would LOVE TO go treasure hunting with you. We don't get sales around here with such wonderful pieces like you find. This is wonderful! TFS!

Leigh Anne said...

WOW! Quite the haul!!