So far

 On Saturday the base went in that night {because they took a detour to the gun show at the fairgrounds}

 So Sunday am they started building the roof. which was finished somewhere a little after 4 pm.

This is 24' long by the way.

 All of those boxes were filled with tagged puzzle pieces.

 A really mean ( but interesting colors ) rooster.

 Completed Roof view.

 Its a little dark but this is the first layer of panels on the base.

 Peaches are Blooming now. Maybe we will get fruit this year, supposed to be 32 tonight and tomorrow night though.

That entire bottom row was finished and we got all the rest of the puzzle sorted and the interior tables put together in the garage last night. Hoping to get the second layer done tonight after work then the roof on tuesday or wednesday night.

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Jennifer said...

Stacy, this is fabulous! Will look forward to seeing the completed structure!