Some studio shots

This is the table I stand at. I do have a stool but, I never use it up here. and I do have a chair for the sewing machine which is always out.

there are sentiment stamps in that metal stand on the table that are frequent used ones.

I used to use these lights to shoot things with and then when I received the new light boxes for Christmas these I moved over to the center of the room as the overhead lights are not anywhere near this corner of the room.

 Some more sentiments in an printers drawer on top of a shelf on the backside of that main table under it.

This is the bottom shelf of a rolling cart next too that light tripod ( bottom shelf is mostly PP pads I have not tore apart and put into the hanging file folders in the file cabinet holding papers and A-4 cardstocks. 

But, since all these baskets are full again sorting paper is probably moving higher up the to-do list.

The larger basket in the back is holding "page kits" from before I shot digital that I was going to scrapbook... who knows maybe someday I will put them together.

That being said this is that silverware tray that has journal cards and such in it, most were printed from links on pinterest, some I stamped. ( will do a post with stamped/made journal cards some day) ( have not shot them all)

So behind that cart is this green card file cabinet on top of it is jars filled with buttons, crochet flowers, odd metal things. I have recently came across a stash of all wide mouth jars and have two large containers of vintage buttons that need cleaned. So, will be reorganizing these sooner or later.

Next to that I have moved that vintage record holder cart to my yard sale pile and put that baby dresser here. since the old cart held these printers drawers of sentiments, the third smallest one is on the floor under this dresser. {forgot about that}

 I tend to make ready to go sentiments from scraps and die cut them and such and they used to be in a smaller basket then this, then I out grew that so moved them to this basket... then moved all that to the top drawer of the dresser as its not as deep as the other drawers.

 a look inside the top drawer. mostly die cut stamped sentiments with a few printed things.
and green sizzix dies.

 the second drawer I took out of the dresser so you could see how many clear dvd cases for cling stamps fit in one drawer.

 then having the second drawer out shot this one that is also holding dvd's of cling stamps plus metal tins of clear stamps.

bottom drawer is holding some odds and ends papers and envelopes and such. when the third drawer gets full of stamps ( its a time thing not an if thing) these will get moved.
This is the back corner. there are more stamps on the floor. there are also stamp cases on the floor under the little black wood table with all the prima type flower jars on it. 

 Found this spinning oak rack ( probably for cassette tapes ) at a yard sale a few weeks ago thinking it was big enough for the ranger square pads ( works ) the ones on the wall are skinnier so, they were work to get in and out and off of it. so, since I had cleaned that out of pads I never used now that I've moved all these pads out I have room for more pads some day. ( I'm rolling my eyes here)
This is from a few weeks ago before I cleaned haha, this book shelf is holding sizzix dies and embossing folders mostly. started out with the folders in a tin, but that did not last long with all the ones being sold in sets or pairs. ( someday ) I'm going to go through these and get rid of the ones I only bought to get the other one. the problem with that is who knows what some of those kind's names are. 

My washi tape started out in this bread tin ( its still there) but, its now overflowing and I'm looking for something different.

 A pottery barn galvanized tier piece. ( this does not spin ) I suppose I could park a lazy susan under it, but. it is pretty wide and deep. I have quite a bit of bottles and such in it and its low enough just looking down into it I can see and or reach what ever in it.
 Top tier

 Middle tier


 Maybe a better view.

 yes, that is grace hiding in the closet. some days she camps out behind the sewing machine table chair and If i need to use it and ask her to go lay on her bed ( on the other side of the table) she gets offended and goes in the closet. These legal file cabinets the closest one to the closet is holding cardstock and pp. the other is holding cases like those on the top shelf of the closet holding wood mounted stamps.

 Iris project cases on that top shelf are filled with Christmas/Winter wood mounted stamps, there is a whole row of same theme in the dresser. ( I'm rolling my eyes)

 Felt and Strings in an Spice rack I've had this rack a while and most things just do not fit well into it, but for now this is working.


Leigh Anne said...

ahhh makes me feel good to see all that ;) hehe
I like that green stool on the table ;) well I like all the green stuff

vdoyle8 said...

Wow - that is an impressive collection!