Green Stain

 So this is the shorter ladder with shelves, stained winter moss green with pine shelves in an custom stain that was mixed to match our hardwood floors. ( need more ) have 2 1/2 of the 4 shelves on the taller ladder done, otherwise it would have come out for its chance to show off too.  James and Tim did these shelves for me on Mothers day and then I started staining them that afternoon.

 Right now the shelves are just sitting on the steps & rungs but, Hubs is going to put some skinny dowel pins into the bottoms of the boards so they cannot just be "pulled or slid" off the ladder. I'm going to use this for the table display at the craft fair this coming season.

had the stain out so started staining a mess of the vintage clothes pins found at estate sales too. forgot to shoot them once they went upstairs but some are on the metal hanger hook things ( also for the display ) and some are packaged to sell as "hand stained vintage clothes pins" lol

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