Recent Finds

Some of the things we've found in the last month or so treasure hunting. the twig basket I think will work for small things at a Ren Faire display. the blue insulators I will probably stick in a flower bed. ( that's where I found those yesterday at an estate sale in the backyard) the jello molds are slightly different then any others I've found so far and I think the cutters could become cute Christmas decorations. The Pink pyrex Mixing bowls I already own a set of these but, they were so cheap I couldn't leave them there ( I collect the pink ones usually) but, that blue one caught my eye the other day and I don't know how long I will keep it. blue doesn't usually last long for me. The measure cups will become "gift wrap" "cup of Love containers filled with goodies next holiday season. The old hanger I think I may drape wide lace on but, not sure about that yet.
I have a few baskets like this... with the straw flowers embroidered on them, seen this and was totally in love with the colors and then thought wish it was a basket then thought ah heck it would look cute on display in the laundry room maybe.
so grabbed it anways.
one lone rubber stamp ( comotion ) was at a recent estate sale so, brought it home too so it wouldn't be lonely. the pattern I snagged to try doing some tissue paper flowers from the pattern paper. It didn't make it into any of the shots but, grabbed a stack of old map papers at one too. ( not the plastic kind real maps.) the card display thing I don't intend to use I have ones I like better that look nicer, but am thinking to cut it apart and poke them into something that looks better. ( not sure what yet, got a vague idea about wood spools maybe. ) the book was just for fun, have not read it yet. but had to laugh when I seen it. I had a hundred or more "felt" things pinned... I'm rolling my eyes here. vintage shoe stretchers. just for the heck of it, may look cool on display in the laundry too. probably should get some kind of display shelf in there.
Big bag of doilies ( missing two stained ones I have in the Laundry right now) but all of them together were 1.50 WHOOOO... the bottom ones are huge.
another one of those "idears" was so excited to see this case had a key...
( the key does not fit the locks haha) Others in this brand on the internet auction house's are claiming this is 1950 ish... its in pretty good shape for its age. had the bright idea I could "stain" the fabric since its fabric, tried some wood stain for the heck of it... it wipes right off. does not sink in at all... so. then scrubbed and scrubbed and decided maybe. just maybe it would not look too bad in a display of them too "blue" if i get others to layers near and in front of it. the satin is stained. and I need to think about this more if I want to try to refinish it ( which is not my goal in life to refinish these cases but, to use them for temporary display/storage of cards) So that being said had the bright idea to just tighten up the safety pins in the lids pocket and drape an old table cloth ( I dont use this one, it has a hole in one corner now) and see what that looks like... may make some kind of a skinny bunting/garland for across the top of the lid to dangle and hide more of the staining. that card on the bottom of the lid is an 6" square one, so that being said this will hold a LOT more cards then a basket does.
The bread box I am going to tinker with as I love the outside and want to use it but, its rusted pretty badly inside. and since I don't care about resale value am going to sandblast the inside only and spray seal it.
closer looks at some of the loot above. loaded the photos a little out of order.
oh found these blocks ( brand new it looks like) at a school rummage sale this morning, didn't buy the suitcase thingy they were in had no use for that. ( same place that had the pattern, suitcase and also not photographed are two more old scrabble games)
( im taking the wood letters out)
twig basket with old cookie cutters and jello molds. Some wood crates hubs snagged for the barn. we use these a lot during harvest times actually.


Jennifer said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! You really made out great! I'm having so much fun seeing all of your goodies you got. We don't have estate sales like this around here. I'm so envious, but I'm also tickled to see what great items you found.


Thanh Vo said...

Bravo Stacy!!! What awesome finds.

Super Jen said...

OK, I totally have some of those cookie cutters. They were the ones we used as kids. The angel is particularly difficult to make as her head snaps off (somehow I think you'll come up with some re-purpose for them anyway).