Storm is a Papa!

These babies were 3 weeks old on monday... we got to meet them yesterday.
the lady who owns the mama dog
this one was full of kisses
Storm ( yesterday) in my office... He gets to go meet them maybe in a week or two. :) He just turned 5 in November... where does the time go?


Anonymous said...

They are too cute! I want the black one.

laurlynn said...

Awww, almost makes me want a puppy!

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Oh Stacy!! Are you going to have pick of the litter? They are adorable!! I want to smooch those darling little noses. What a beautiful litter....you are giving me puppy fever again and the dear Lord knows I have enough pups!

JenMarie said...


LindainNCtoo said...

He has been "busy".

Hard to believe he will be 5 yrs old!!