Some of Last Years things

Some things from the end of the year that fell by the way side ( no time to post) gift tag on June's "happy winter" can... she decided we were not exchanging Christmas gifts this year ( last year) and we shook hands on it, but, I knew better then to fall for that one, so i divided up what I had been collecting here and there for her into anything "winter, blue or white" and did this can... ( I was right she got me an foam bat to beat my husband with at work and another bead for the pandora bracelet) (here is where there is a nodding know it all smiley) Fabric flower, Crochet flower ( my mil ) Vintage button on the fabric heart the button sparkles. Impression Obsession sentiment heat embossed and cut out, on the fabric heart. regular craft button with a bit of hemp string through it, Great Impressions sentiment Used an long ribbon slot hand held punchie on the flower, the ultra heat and bond makes the fabric stiff enough to punch or cut with scissors besides die cutting without unraveling. Sizzix stocking die cuts, the sentiment tags are from su. closer look

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Pretty tag and other "lovey" goodies...