re-arranging again *grin*

Lost the 4' table on the back wall under the ink pads... because, I found another legal 4 drawer cabinet at a yard sale last friday for $5.00 ...So Saturday we went back to it and hauled it home and Sunday the guys hauled it up the stairs for me. If you haven't seen photos of this space before its an 500 sq foot bonus room over the garage... so its a shared family hobby room... and so the colors of the room are "Mossy Oak break-up" (camouflage pattern) I have what is the darkest corner of the room (on purpose) to help keep the sunlight off the paper and stamps.
the cabinet on the right with the flag magnet on it is the newest stray. ( someday when i have my own room) I'm going to have all of these odd metal finds sand blasted and painted the same color. ( maybe ) the cart up against the card file drawers is an antique record rack. ( the iris project cases used to sit on this inside the closet, but it was akward to pull them out of the bottom (probably because the closet is a duck in one not a walk in one and i tend to lean in and just grab what i want rather then trying to stoop inside. on top of it are a couple of printers drawers with sentiments in them. If you notice the pile of stamp trays on the floor to the right of the paper tower, those are hopefully going into project cases over the next few days. Im so tired of wanting to find the stamp that is of course in the bottom of the pile. to the right of the paper tower ( hubs made) is an altered bakers rack ( hubs made) that is holding 11X13? clear acrylic frames turned upside down as trays for wood mounted stamps. Iris project cases inside the legal file drawers. Project cases are Not 12 X 12 they fit inside legal drawers. these hold all sizes of wood mounted stamps. Stamps in the closet, ( have more stamps then i had cases on sunday) but, Staples will deliver in 24 hours so now i have more boxes to move these into ( new rubber ) :) may shoot some (totally done shots) when that happens.

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LindainNCtoo said...

I like the idea of the 12x12 cases were the stamps are in one layer. I have mine in drawers where I have to fish through them find something with my smaller stamps.

How do you store your smaller stamps? ie: ones that are not the size of background stamps