New Years

Laundry Room... this is what you see coming in the back door, It's always the thing to pack away Christmas on New Years day in our house... so, these came down... it was fun to see them every day when we came home and add to the wall. ( two of these came yesterday) :) If you don't see yours its not here yet... the handmade ones have their own blog post a week or so ago. What the blooms look like on the huge huge huge Christmas Cactus Anne gave to me before she moved. Not sure how old it is, but this plant is easily 3 feet across and two feet long... An Ornament i had "forgotten" about when i was shooting them for the challenge last week, I now have the Our Daily Bread set that looks nearly identical to these.. (this one's Porcelain) Just thought this was kind of interesting to see these in a heap with the light streaming through them right before i packed them away... Done Packing :) nearly done cleaning ( kid plugged up my vacuum and hasn't bothered to tell me so yet...) Yes, I am rolling my eyes, I really want those pine needles off the carpet.. and the dust, ACHOO! (heads plugged for certain now)


LindainNCtoo said...

Happy New Year, Stacy!!

I see my card!!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Happy New Year, Stacy! I love your gorgeous ornament collection and how you display your Christmas cards... great idea!

I was 'forced' to get this house cleanup from Christmas in one day! Oh my. Dust, indeed! Drives me crazy!!!

Take care!