Quality Control?

If you've been peeking into this blog for some time you may have already come across the macro shots of these brushes from when there was less Distress inks out... When they announced there would be 12 more distress colors of course i bough them, and i also placed an order to get a dozen more judi kin's color duster brushes... the new ones are not the same as the old ones... So, this one was used 3 times now... hmph, my old ones are years and years old, have even been to classes and abused... the one on the left is an older style brush, the wood has varnish, the bristles are longer ( its easier to use and hold) the one on the right and foreground are new brushes, the bristles are shorter, the wood is plain, and evidently they thought making the print CHINA larger was more important then adding glue to the bristles. yes, I can fix this... and i will, but I should not have to these are not cheap brushes... so just a thought, if you need more. wait till you can find some old ones in a hole in the wall mom & pop store and finger them for your self rather then blindly order them online... ( I know its not the online stores fault that the quality control dept. was out to lunch when these were made so no finger pointing that way.) its just a disappointment.

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