In the begining

If your coming to this blog as someone who "knows" me from twopeas or CKMB or the Sunroom You've probably already seen the following pages... (most of those albums do not exist online anymore and or people from my family have never seen them. these are the bad scans and original photos of these pages... the two pages above is what started it all. the took 2 weeks to complete. ( no joke ) it scared me to death to think of adding glue to pictures... didn't matter that i had the negatives and could have them reprinted if needed. sad thing is that these pages were made with glue sold to people who "scrapbook" tombo or snail in most cases, in most cases things are coming undone. (yes true dat) over the course of about 3 years i did altogether 24 different albums some were given away as gifts not everything was ever photographed but, these are some that were.
its going to cost a fortune in adhesive to fix them.
I almost miss the playing with the photos, but since we went digital i have not printed a single photo. Oh i have two very expensive home printers, pro papers, the print outs look like carp. and when i take the digital files to a place like wal-mart there machine crops the photos not the way i want them.... It makes me miss film. but, the thing is the older my eyes get the better the photos look to me on a computer screen rather then a small scrap of paper. so, anyways just some random thoughts.

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