A Week & A Day...

I have done a lot of digging this week. This photo above, was some of the last flowers i grabbed right before we moved. It was in early November so the ground was pretty hard and dry here and this was a spot that could almost pass for a flower bed, so on one of the trips of hauling boxes between the houses, i grabbed a shovel and popped these out then brought them over here. right near the back door steps. If you know anything about Iris you know that the tubers are planted really shallow. like right under the surface of the soil more or less. At the time that these were transplanted here we had had Slick for less then a month and she as less then 5 months old. And so, we took her everywhere with us. the number of times in her life that we had her that she was not with us we could probably count on both our hands & have fingers left over to wiggle... This is where it gets funny. She used to watch everything intently when she was that age, and because she was an "only" dog i guess she learned some of her stuff she thought she needed to know from us, and somewhere in her brain i think she seen those Iris tubers as "B O N E S" from then on if one of us gave her a bone, instead of digging a hole to bury it, she'd put them on top of the soil maybe toss a little amount of dirt on top (but only in flower beds. and usually up against the brick borders in side the flower beds) We moved a lot of dirt this weekend, and we are still finding bones in the flower beds... ( Storm is finding them too now) a closer look
So, I wonder what he's thinking watching me up root and re-plant all these.
there was Iris down the entire length of the south side of the house where i moved a lot
as a temporary spot. two springs ago. the photos above are the only plants i have yet to move.
have taken over 10 wheel barrows of yucky dirt out so far and hauled it outside the fence.
This has driven home the point that i really need to find a winter time activity (that does not include wiggling in front of a mirror in a gym) to keep in shape because sitting down all winter
in front of your computer not only grows blog posts, it also grows extra hips, thighs and rubber band arms... ( can you read that i hurt everywhere?!? )
got new cards to share too but, will do that in another post later...

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