I have Happy Mail today

I have Happy Mail today! :) I DID get new stamps.. these are not the test ones, these you can buy right now. ( If you sign up for the email newsletter they'll give you a coupon and there are no shipping charges) The flower may possibly be stamped upside down. ( not sure but, i liked it like this ) there is some yellow stickles in the centers. ( Its part of a set called Beauty Bouquet) I had stamped it and masked it then layered two more on the tops on slim pop dots. this is 5X5 in real life, used up a stray scrap of that BG pp from yesterdays card. and the sentiment is also from Rubber stamping Fun. You may have noticed I'm tinkering with my blog template again... ( I'm actually cleaning) haha.. so It may take all day to get it set just so... Probably have to re-shrink the header photo again. In the old template, i had inserted it as an 800 pixels wide and it was too big, but when i moved it all to this one 600 pixels wide was too small so, i put it in as 800 again... but, its probably going to need shrunk down a little. I have mostly been following the directions in Godelieve's blogger "how to blog" http://whitemontana.blogspot.com/ The guys are going fishing later when they are done mowing the neighbors grass... so hopefully there will be more play time later.


3bmom/dawn said...

Stacy, I love your blog. I look at it all the time. your cards are great. Your very talented....dawn

Flexie:0) said...

I like the changes... Love the new cards as well...