A day later... {more of the garden}

Since i shot this photo, this bed has also been filled in with good dirt. got on the waiting list for DH to design me some more of these, bought this one at Joann's fabrics at least 4 or 5 years ago, and what they are selling this year, does not look like this, so i have put in a request for 3 more of them, and i just gotta make sure to pick up some coconut liners before they sell them all... Yellow tulips are blooming so is a whole bunch of the Iris, this particular one is about 12 inches high, (a miniature one) Bleeding hearts ( this is one of the plants i transplanted when we moved) it gets about 4 feet around now! Lilac bush that came with this house is blooming now too!


Heidi said...

Beautiful photos! Your garden must be so relaxing!

Tami said...

Your garden is amazing! My lilac bush is still too young for blooms...maybe next year.