Newest addition to our family...

Isn't he cute?!?! lol... this is about as close to handmade baby announcements as we get around here no-adays... :) J named him after a Pokémon critter thats not a misspelling, he went to the vet today for his first round of shots and such and has another appointment about this time next month. when we first met him a couple of weeks ago, he did have blue eyes, but they have since started changing to a pale green color. He's mostly Grey with a red tint to the edges and then there are a few white hairs that are twice as long as the Grey ones... For the scrapbook store at the moment i have been tinkering with some baby cards and some are cool, some are cutesy and one is funny but, none of them are ready to post yet... did this one today with some of the scraps... daisy D's pp and technique Tuesday stamp (orange marmalade stitching) of course i have also wrecked my room again... but, today is also the first day of summer vacation from school so, I have tomorrow off and J has his best friend from his old school coming to spend the day... so hopefully i will get alot done. The other cards i am waiting on them to finish them as Connie (the store owner) has a large order coming in today or tomorrow so, I'm headed back to the store on Saturday as (shes gonna hold a crop-i-dile for me) and there may be something new and cool to add to the cards too... thats about it in our corner of the internet, have a good evening.!

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