A quick update...

Thanks for your support!!... {insert Victorian corset image here} snicker snicker... OK so, it look's like a go so far. I'm going to keep making things from the templates this weekend to take to the "meeting" on Tuesday. evidently its a when they hash out the schedule meeting between all the people who teach there... the lss store owner was really excited about the embossed things i showed her that i have made and then i informed her that the stuff comes in way more colors and uses than her "teacher" knows... lol oops... so DH thinks thats funny that i know more than the owner and the teachers... He thinks it will be something fun to try two or three times to decide if its not a waste or time or money. the way she runs her store is I buy everything for the class kits, if i need to buy something for the kits i can buy them from her store at a discount. then i get to keep the money from the class and the average for her store is about $15.00 per person. and a card class lasts about 1 1/2 hours... and i need them to make about 3 cards, maybe one more elaborate than the other two... and decide on the "level" of skill that a person needs to understand/enjoy my class... Newbies maybe totally lost by some of the things i do and showed her... So that's where things are at now... I have a throbing wrist and a whirling brain... and it looks like Spanish Rice and Stuffed bell peppers are calling my name. (we skipped the food part at chat tonight hee hee) :)

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