I have been asked to teach... {in person} YIKES!

hee hee... I am feeling flattered and giddy and a little overwhelemed... (OH YEAH,Note to self, next time you decide to take an Right this minute photo maybe you should put your face on first! ;) WOW hmmm??? Ok so yesterday a lady who owns a lss where i lived asked me to start teaching classes in her store... told me i could teach what ever i wanted... ( she did this without ever holding anything i made in her hands...) ( which is like say what? haha) but, she is in the same S.U. monthly club i am in and i think that my MIL and my BF have been bragging about me. So, today I dragged DH in to the store with some of my cards and pages and altered items and ( she loves everything ~ she says) the first thing she wants me to do is a card class... so, i am supposed to go to the store next Tuesday night and be part of a meeting with all the other people who teach in her store and her. ( to find out details) My husband asked lots of questions today but, i had to take him to a meeting right after that so i have not had a chance to make him write down what he thinks... but, the faces he was making are favorable... ( oh I am mostly deaf, know a little sign and can read lips) my BF volunteered her self to be my ears (mainly to spend time with me) so, what i am wondering is what should i ask? when i go to this meeting? Like I have no idea how the structure works, if i buy every thing or if she does or anything at all, but to take my mind off of it i think i am going to go make some cards for the class she wants me to do... She says she's willing to order anything i need to teach the classes i want to teach... I told her If i have my way I'd turn her store into a rubber stamp art store... hee hee so she showed me her hero arts catty shes working on an order for the store and i pointed out all the ones i already own... lol ( so i know they would sell) What is a good thing to know if you already do this? what kinds of things should i ask? Its OK to email me too if you like and don't want to post here. So i of course have more cards and photos to share and may do that in a little while... :)

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Patty H. said...

You will be great at it! By the way th picture of you is beautiful.