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This year i think in am going to make up several cards instead of doing the same exact card for 75 people (which gets kind of you know boring) so, I am going to do cards in small batches and change the design every dozen or two cards... this is the first round i have 16 of these done but, its an A-2 sized card so the people getting this one will be people who get wallet sized or no photos in the cards... the poinsettia stamp (from Penny Black) is heat embossed with Antique Linen distress powder. very cool effect. Now this was something for fun... just seeing what new techniques look like... the butterflies were done as one called "Melted Pearls" (which is pearl-ex powder patted into the top of cooling clear embossing powder then heated to melt into the powder. more melted pearls, the card on the bottom was the first one i tried and then the others came a few days later. still have a small stack of these on my desk so you may be seeing more of them later. On the home front it's just been beyond busy and miserably hot here... finally got a break in the weather today and have thunder bumpers going on with a few sprinkles... We've had a huge huge amount of pie cherries on our tree that came with our house ripen this week and one of the very large branches collapsed under the weight of them all. so we've picked and picked and Tim's friend has tons, the neighbors have picked and the tree's still loaded... (so the birds can have whats left) We started in with the new fence across the front of the yard too, but the photos are still on the roll of film I'm shooting and Tim has the digital... I do have a few things scanned to upload (mostly cards of course...) :) I'm teaching the second card making class at the same local scrapbook store on this coming Monday night and the owner of the store had ordered in a bunch of Hero Arts Stamps so, i have been playing with them left and right making display cards for the store. Still need to come up with an idea for the August class, and I'm leaning towards doing survey cards at the class on Monday to find out what they want to learn... Its been so long since i posted to my blog I cant remember if any of the cards i did that are on display now in the store for the new stamps or the next class are in here yet, gotta re-read it all and see where i left off... More later, hope your all not melting in your corner of the internet... :)

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Godelieve said...

Stacy, your cards are just gorgeous!! You do fabulous work.

The Distress EP is now on my wishlist :)