WOYWW #347 Coloring Station

It's Wednesday, These photos are from Sunday afternoon because, what's on that table now is all for the feb. release from two paper divas.. and it would probably be too early in the term for being bumped for being the chick that cannot follow the rules. ha ha.. So, if you are curious about this, the link up for this party starts at our hostess Julia's blog, where you can play along.

 So, it happened... I caved... and I bought something from IKEA without ever setting foot in the store lol. ( we don't have one here) but, recently I seen a post on Instagram from kathrac with this cart (you can see it here) and I totally caved.. It is surprisingly well made ( all metal all & powder coated) for the price. and then while it was en route I seen this post.     And I thought why not? So, I think I will be coloring in February. 

So, I have moved the copic's from their travel bag to the top bin, tucked in some color charts the middle tray has watercolors and acrylic paints, some pallets, some brushes things like that oh the mind just went blank the "stems" that hold your nibs when you do calligraphy, their cleaning toothbrush & inkwell. The bottom has Kurtake watercolors (green box), the brown case is holding derwent water color pencils. ( which I just may snip out some of the stitches like Dina did here...) and the tin under that is my Christmas gift this year its the big set of Polychromos pencils, These I just may take out of the tin and move to the cubbie holes on the top of the table and put them into the same spots as the Prisma pencils. ( I honestly do not think this would be a big issue to mix them up because, the only ones that are really significantly different are the watercolor pencils because, those I have to look at the chart to get what color they are the leads are misleading) and so, I just have not gotten that far yet. I also have some little pots of shimmer paints and the flat paper ones that I hid from my self. ( can't think of the name you know what I mean right?) so, I am thinking I just may play with this stuff more having it all gathered up together. I still have the SU & Distress markers upstairs for direct to rubber things but, I have considered bringing the Distress markers down since all the pads are upstairs already and I could use them the same way I am using the other water pens on the table. Anyways, that is what is going on here. I bought the first watercolor class online here and am messing around with that.


Princess Judy Palmer said...

I do notice that once you get more organized like this you do start using your stuff more. So we'll expect LOTS of coloring in different mediums from you now. I have a similar cart from world maket. My Copics are on top too, but still in the travel case so I have to sort of look up, over and into it. I like your idea. I snipped the handles on those little Copic baskets. They were always in my way. Thanks for visit today! PJ #57

Lynn Holland said...

I'm still organising but doing a little crafting as well now. Boredom was setting in with all the sorting
Lynn 18

Clair said...

Nothing beats Ikea for organisation - and it's usually appealing visually as well. In fact, I love nothing more than spending a little time wandering around their showrooms. (You should definitely visit one if you ever have the chance.)

It looks lovely - already full of colour and little bits and pieces! I'm sure it will evolve as it becomes an integral part of your space.

Incidentally, I recently joined SplitCoast Stampers (and I think you may well have welcomed me to the Gallery.) I hope I'll see more photos of this little lovely in the Mission: Organisation Gallery.

Clair @ Obstinate Pursuit

Pat Taviss said...

Definitely this is THE IKEA purchase. I agree with previous comments that reorganizing reminds you of the wonderful supplies you have. Thanks for sharing

ENJOY Pat #61

trisha too said...

Oh gosh yes, I've been resisting that cart for quite a while now, we actually do have an Ikea close to us, and I told my husband how all my "imaginary" friends have one!!!

Congratulations on the organizing, everything looks fabulous!

#60 this week
with 37 atcs

Julia Dunnit said...

That cart looks so good, IKEA could use it for an advert! I. Sure you'll use everything more as its in plain sight. But I'm not sure I'd be ready to in-tin those pencils just yet....I need time to get over the beautiful layout before I could do that!

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, love IKEA stuff too- it's perfect for crafters! Taping down your paper does help a bit,but if you can leave it till it's completely dry, then it stays almost perfectly flat. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xxx

Barb said...

It looks like a very good purchase Stacy. You look very organised now. I need something like that to get them all together. Have lots of fun using your pens and paints now. Barbx #54

Lisca Meijer said...

Yes, those IKEA trolleys are great! We bought two (One teal and one beige) but next time we go to the coast, we'll get two more trolleys. They are well made, look good and are not expensive. It is so satisfying to have everything organized and at hand.
Thank you for taking the trouble to visit and for your sweet comment
Greetings from sunny Spain,

Sandra Roberts (Sarnie) said...

I'm another IKEA fan here. Having moved to my wonderful house last May, I had all my IKEA storeage planned for the Craft Studio. Wonderful stuff !! My first time joining in WOYWW #66 :-)

Sharon said...

That cart looks wonderful! I looked at some IKEA stuff when I was doing my craft room but there isn't one around close to us. Very disappointed as some people on Pinterest had great ideas for craft rooms using stuff from IKEA.

Have a great week
Sharon K #49

April Story said...

I saw that post. I do love what she's done with her cart. And yours looks good too! Happy coloring.
April #58

Loll said...

Your desk is so clean!! :) Love your new cart ... it sure holds a lot of stuff and a great way to get organized. xx

Two Paper Divas said...

Too funny! Jenny, Gayla and I all have this same cart, same color. I think G even has two!! We got them some time ago and LOVE them. So handy to have in my studio. Great organization tool. Melissa

Kia said...

Neat and Tidy - love it Stacy!

Aimeslee said...

Welcome to the IKEA Cart Craze Club, lol. As Martha might say, it's a good thing. I am using mine to hold my acrylic stamping blocks in the top bin and that's working well, but the two other bins I've yet to really find the best use for. I keep my markers in 2 Art Bin Double Deep satchels, as the markers lay horizontally and I prefer that. I do think you have packed your cart about as well as anyone could and you should be proud! Enjoy using it. Sometimes, I find that just looking at mine is enjoyable! xoxo, Aimeslee