WOYWW # 346 bitty diecuts & happy mail

Happy Wednesday Ladies :) you can find the link up for this blog hop at our hostess Julia's blog here if you are so inclined to play along. ( shoot us a photo of your workspace & link it up because, we are just as curious ;) )

 On this mostly sunny cold day it finds me at home again but, today I have actually consumed food and a tiny bit of coffee. ( that is water in this mug shot, I have been living on it for the last few days) and its totally Hubs fault since he caught this bug first and it was just a big shock to me that I caught it because, I don't tend to catch stomach bugs. now if you sneeze a half a mile from me and its a catchy sinus thing of course I will catch that ( I am rolling my eyes) anyways on Sunday I was feeling "tired" and not wanting to really do much of anything so, I spent some time die cutting scraps into teeny tiny dies. and monday evening I bagged some up in clear envelopes for later use. and I had happened to glance at the binders of quickutz dies ( mine are mostly alphabets) but, I have a few shape ones. ( remember those dies?) anyways, I had to laugh because over the years I think bought a few from every co. that has come along and the ones I still play with every now and again are the more basic shapes the rustic ones like that bird house. so, all those bitty cards are 3" square with memory box "resting birds" on top of them.

So on tuesday night hubs hauled in this big packet of happy mail from two paper diva's and so, when I went upstairs to shoot these shots I just kinda pushed the cards off to the side and spread them out a little. in the top corner you can see better the old stamps that followed me home from the junk shops a couple weeks ago. and that's about it for now, I did get some of these new stamps inked to color later while I was up there. :) thanks for stopping by.


Sharon said...

Stamps, stamps and more stamps! Can never have too many lol. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you feel better soon.

Sharon K #52

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Very cute birdhouse X.
Happy WOYWW!
Catherine X

Sharon Madson said...

Cute birdhouse stamp on your desk. Hope you get to feeling better, quickly! #68

butterfliecrafter said...

I should start using some of my scrap paper to die cut, a lot of new stamps to play with, have fun. Vicky#66

Two Paper Divas said...

Feel better soon! Love the Divas stamps. LOL Melissa

Loll said...

Always fun to get new stamps to play with ... and always fun to look through what you already have and see what you have forgotten about. :) Love those sweet cards with the bird houses Stacy. xx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Love those little birdhouse cards! As for the stomach bug--ugh. Hubby and I had it in December and yeah, you're right. Neither one of us catch stomach bugs easily so this one must be a real doozy.