To-Go Cup Cards

 all of these mugs are the stamp from Art Impressions that you have to cut out by hand. ( and you cannot just stamp it and not cut it out because, the lid is close to the cup but, not actually touching it. )
so. it uses up lots of scraps if you do a stack of them. ( I was not really thinking at all when I started stamping the cups and belly bands and such on Tursday night ( as far as how many of them I had stamped haha) so, Friday night I finished coloring grey around the edges of all the pieces and started stamping random Coffee Sentiments to die cut.
 all together there are 25 of the gift card holder ones done at the moment and a few extra note cards. the seambinding is on with way long tails because, the people who buy them are going to need to re tie them after they get their gift cards inserted so, they are long enough to trim.

 So all of these with a piece of seam binding tied on loosely over the lids that lid is glued to a flap. ( the mat is scored at one inch from the top end and folded over.) so there is a slit cut into that mat above the cups rim (under the flap) that people can tuck a gift card into.

 all of these are A-2 in real life. and all of them use pre-made card bases ( the ones that come with envelopes kwim?) ( its not something I normally do so, it always surprises me how flimsy this cardstock is) ( esp. since I tend to do layers and lumps)
 these blue plastic embossed sentiments are all from a local drive through coffee shop's lids. I received one of their wash it and re-use it mugs for Christmas but before that I started saving some of these lids to do this with and have a small baggie of partial lids ( some painted with cream acrylic paint over the top and some neekid plastic)
 So. this is what else I did on Saturday besides the jewelry box inspired birthday card.
one more display basket theme is full enough to get by but, has room for 4 or 5 more of the gift card holder versions if I end up wanting to do a few more. ( these actually did pretty good last November)

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KarinsArtScrap said...

wow these are fabulous Stacy and looking great.
Gr Karin