During the Sorting Out

In the excitement of Christmas last week... I had actually forgotten I had left such a mess behind as in the previous post... SO, this is part of the during stage from last sunday. I had made more dividers at that point I had divided the two big boxes of PL cards into those color sections. and here is a shocking to me thing about those boxes... there are a lot of cards... there are multiple cards that are exact duplicates of each other... ( which seems like such a waste to me, yes they are double sided but... seriously does anyone actually USE up all those duplicates?) I doubt I will. I can easily see a PL RAK in my future. 

some of these things to the left are too large for the vintage sewing drawers. 
The letter stickers are normally inside a hanging file folder in the cabinet with A-4 sheets of cardstock. but, I had dug some out and tossed them in a tray last month thinking I would use them for December daily.

and some things are too small... thinking out loud I will be putting the too small things back into the top drawer of the dresser by the window that has like previously stamped and die cut sentiments and such in it besides these little things. 

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