Before Christmas... Desk errr Mess views

When I finished the last of the wrapping last week.. I got the idea I really needed to "organize" all this scrap stuff I have collected over the last year or two and not done a thing with, with the idea being that I would actually scrap again... 


So these are the "before" shots, the during and after posts will follow. 

making dividers for the cards. I had two big boxes of Project life cards and some free print-ables found on pinterest there and here along with all the other various pocket scrapping companies ( some came as 12" sheets that I cut up years ago, and some were other kinds of pocket things) and I thought about this a lot during the during... (sorting process) and I still feel like when you scrap it's a personal ( private ) thing so, I have made no dividers that say this is from this company. because, I am also thinking if I do share some pages. they are not going to be listed like cards with the stamp and ink and paper info listed... so, scrapping will be just for me more or less and no, I don't really know who made the what paper anymore. I know that is irritating for people who want to duplicate something but, the truth is. I have not scrapped in about 10 years now, and some of my things that are in my stash are older than that. so, this is kind of freeing and opened up some possibilities for me wanting to scrap again. which leads me to what I think I may do and I have been toying with the idea of December Daily for about 6 weeks or so now since, I like little, mini, themed or gift type albums best. 

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