Some Spool cards

spent some time putting together the spools I had cut out and stamped on a while back. there is a little over 1 yard of seambindings wound around the covers on these and it is remove able as is the tags or button cards they are only held on with the clothes pins. This lace butterfly was an recent yard sale find. 

the buttons are on these cards with glue dots, 

all of the "tags" clipped to these spools were pinterest finds a few years ago. I went through a phase where I printed some stuff. and made a little pile of it and put it in a drawer and forgot about it. so, figured I may as well use some than toss it. the bloom on this one is from Wild Orchid Crafts and these spools templates you can find and download a printable for yourself here

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Angie said...

Awesome spool cards!!!! Love your butterfly yard sale find! They are all gorgeous!