Shepherds Market Spring Faire Edition...

The spinner rack is the new edition this go-around at the school. Hub's has purchased the rebar to make make more walls for me ( hopefully before next Oct. so, I have time to sew the fabric panels before November ha ha ) 

If you click on these photos to enlarge them they will most likely pix-elate. these were shot hand holding it in a fairly dark hallway early Friday AM before it opened. So far that sunflower cone was the first ( and only cone sold) and I *almost* did not bring that because, its not a "spring" flower. 

I did re-arrange some of the hanging things before it opened also. 

It seemed like a very small display to me because, its only been 3 months since Nov. and although I had made over 200 new things since then, its hard to see that when you get used to a big once a year display. 

a closer peek into a suitcase. Birthday cards are the number one seller so far this booth.

The basket on the top is holding pop up gift card holders and those are going over well today so far. 

a look from the other end of the hallway. 


laughingstamper said...

I always enjoy seeing your booth! I wonder if the tea light birthday cakes and snowmen would do well for you. I can see making a bunny out of those too. They can be made for a tabletop decoration or made into a pin. The gift box for them are adorable too!

laughingstamper said...

Thanks for sharing! I do appreciate it!