Wednesday #244

A very long time ago I visited a blog that showed snap shots of her desk with links to other people's desks on Wednesday... and I thought that was the neatest thing. That blog is here:  I think how people organize their studio and where the create are usually more fun sometimes than seeing the finished art. and I told my self someday when there was more time I would play along but, the thing is I usually make it back upstairs on Thursday and then laugh at my self that I have missed it again... The usual is to start upstairs on Thursdays and pick everything up on Sunday evening but, evidently last Sunday I had the bright idea to stamp a lot of not used much and or recent purchases or even I still have stamps that have never been inked onto scraps and I left a lot of them spread out to dry. I had forgotten about this in the last few days. and so it was a little bit of a surprise to find the mess and then realize its only Wednesday and I did have my camera so here are a couple of shots. 

This "desk" is actually and costco folding table set at counter height and under all those stamped sentiments on the left are jello molds filled with bitty brads and do-dad things for cards the pile on the right is stamped sentiments on scraps that will be die cut and used for cards and tags eventually. 
so, after these were shot and the lose things were gathered up and put into the pile on the right I did get one card made but, it was totally forced playing with that dunno if you can see it but there is a peachy colored Hero Arts heat embossed heart with a white sentiment label sitting on it behind some lose stamps near the lamp on the right and that became and anniversary card. I have recently finished an challenge of making 100 things in 100 days ( and I'm early the 100 days ends in April sometime I guess) so, I am hoping that since I need more things for an upcoming booth ( in March) that I will be upstairs on Wednesdays more often in the future. and now I am going to go peek at the rest of the blogs linked to on the first one. So, what's on your desk today? 


Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh Stacy, welcome to WOYWW ! Am so glad you found yourself with a photo opp on a Wednesday! Your desk looks bam perfect to me, covered in stamped images and stamps..I am a text stamp junkie..so this is perfect for me! And what a great idea, to have a library of pre-stamped texts...they could inspire fronts of cards or jsut slide into cards..brilliant, and perfect when you're busy making for sales. Come back and show us more, huh?

Angie said...

Hi Stacy! It's great to see your crafty space! I know what you mean about thinking about it and then forgetting to do it, I have that happen too! I love the idea of actually stamping my stamps out lol, I have scraps of paper and stamps that have never seen ink, they must be lonely! Thanks for sharing your desk and for visiting mine!
Angie #86

Anonymous said...

Welcome to WOYWW, Stacy! Your desk looks great! Love the nice big clear pictures, when clicked on. I'm always taking my pics in the evening or morning without good light. The next time I want to putter around but don't have something with a deadline I'll consider stamping a bunch of sentiments, too -- great idea. Happy WOYWW on Thursday! ~ Laura (#95 on the link list)