More Pop-Up Giftcard holders

These were done following the the tutorial video Gina K did a long time ago seen here. Nope, I did not re-watch it so these were wing-it ones. the funny thing about me is I tend to make things similar in batches I was laughing at my self looking for a previous blog post for some I had done for the November booth to find the link to Gina's video's in it and ( its here if your curious) and this batch I like a little better than the last batch. 

what they look like opened with an gift card inside them. I keep one ( seen in a previous blog post ) opened and available to play with with an used up gift card inside it on the ladder shelf outside what ever basket I put these in so people can "get it" 

I think these go over better as generic cards but, I have some up-coming holiday sentiments stamped and on the table so thought what the heck... 

this one that sentiment was stamped and die cut on thin printed paper so, I diecut a second tag ( MFT pierced tags) of cardstock than reverse glued it to the back side of the paper for stability. 

I get a lot of questions about pricing, these will not sell where I live for $3.00 but, will sell at $2.50. so that is what they are priced at. in side clear envelope's with no paper envelopes. they are about 4 1/4" wide and folded about 3" tall. 

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laughingstamper said...

I just made a bunch of these with contrasting papers on the Inside. Used a belly band instead of ribbon tie. Thanks for inspiration!