newest baby

Mary and her little guy. they have been hanging out near the barn the last few days. 

about 12 hours old, Hubs got these waiting for the sun to come up monday morning . The nice thing is we have had really nice weather ( 60's for the high) the last two days. gonna get raining and colder again starting tomorrow. 

On Sunday Mary gave birth to this little guy ( as soon as it got too dark for a mug shot of course) ( little lamb from last year was also born from her in the middle of the night) but, she is a good mama sheep. she is not as rowdy as "she who has a bump on her nose" which makes her sounds like an cast extra from Dances with wolves or something right. So anyways this guy has no name yet. ( which she should go next ) I may change her name to Dodge Jr.s Mama ( which is kinda smaller ) Waddles ( the brown sheep ) does not look as PG as these two did so uncertain about when she may or may not have one. Dodge passed away last fall. 


laughingstamper said...

Oh so sweet!

Angie said...

Awww! So sweet!!!