Prepping { Spring Faire } Is Coming! *Ü*

This is the raffle prize I am donating next weekend at the Hosanna Christian Schools Spring Faire. 
( it's filled with some gift tags & gift cards. ) This booth will be open Friday from 9am-7pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm March 7th & 8th. ( yes, those of you who are in the know yep, that is J's 18th birthday but, I signed this contract without having a date for the event and they had it later in March last year) 

I keep getting packing pricing questions, I don't know how to answer them because, there is no one rule. its a gut feeling and trial and error. things sell for less money where I live than they do if I take them upstate or even out of state to an Ren Faire. But, I buy the bulk of my packaging from clear bags dot com. all kinds of envelopes and some lumpy card boxes. 

a closer look at the price tags. they are sorted by amount in some old clear bags. so, I try to get every one of these off the cards at the booths. some people want the price tags left on so, I don't get every one of them but, I get the majority of them back each time. 

they are all various shades of green ( because, its one of my favorite colors so, its something I have lot of scraps of as a rule) with some chocolate hemp string from walmart. 

Now this spinner rack is something new this time around, I had found this sometime last year in a junk shop that was closing for 30.00 and it was holding paper back books in those holders towards the top. and I had my husband remove the center dividers that made those be for paperback books side by side and now boxed cards fit in the slots. on the bottom I am going to hang some of the paper cones. 

the 3-d items do not have the individual price tags on them so, I found these clear acrylic frames at Joanns I think a few years back and the others will be clipped to the wall display. they are just stamped with an canvas background for texture and the letters are from the MM CK Stenography magnetic alphabet. 

these were small pillow box's I picked up from clear bags a few years ago thinking that the 3" cards would fit in them for multiple cards packaged but, they were too small for that and so, I wrapped belly bands on them and stuffed them with basket filler for little gift holders ( small things will fit) gift cards will fit. these do not actually sell that well so, this is what is left over from previous booths and I do not have any more empty ones so, I am hopeful these will all go this time around. 

these are pop up gift card holders as seen here in this previous post. they are all actually have price tags on them though and the one in the front is one that I have people play with so, they can understand how they work. Hopefully this answers some of the questions you have. 


Stamping With Bibiana said...

lots of work put into this...I wish you lots of good luck and wish that you sell a lot.

MiamiKel said...

Oh Stacy, first - Happy 18th to J! What a magical age :)

ANd your post - brimming with goodness!! OH my, so much lovely crafting, what a fun fair this would be. I hope you have great sales!

laughingstamper said...

Thanks bunches for sharing your items and pricing! It is a big help. BTW, I am so going to CASE a few of your display ideas! Love the suitcases and the tags for the cases. I am also thinking about making a few card kits and mini scrapbook kits.