More from last weekend

I think this Unity set came out in January? fun right? :) made me laugh anyways. because, we had an fire extinguisher "class" for one of our safety meetings at work in the beginning of this month. 

This was done for this weeks featured stamper ( Dawn's card seen here) I think I want to try this one again sometime. I should mention I find a card to CASE and then I go outside upstairs to make it... so, sometimes they end up closer than others. this one has the spirit of the colors and the design bones and that's about it, I knew there was something in the lower left and I *almost* stuck a big flower there but, it just seemed too tall. the embossing on the cardfront also seemed to weaken it quite a bit I guess bazzill is too wimpy for that so, I lined both the top and bottom inside this card for some stability. this is A-6 in real life so, I needed to use one of the A-7 folders to go across it without a line I wish cuttlebug would make some of their original designs in larger folders some day. ( maybe not all of them but, you know the most useful ones) 

this guy's from whippersnapper. 

just scraps

another new Unity stamp ( don't know when this one was released but, I just happened to notice it last time I ordered ) 

the birch trees folder was inked with some latte Adirondack before it ran through the bigshot. the stamps are Thomas Kincade from the Original ah shoot forgot the Co. name that made them. ( it got sold and I don't know if the new owners make these old stamps anymore.) This one was done for the people at work to sign for hubs birthday yesterday. its A-7 in real life. 

I'm still working on mug shots for a pricing post. hopefully in the next few days but, Yes I do know I said that last week. the booth set up is in 7 days so, I will probably be doing a lot of last minute little things this next week. 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful card designs!!!

laughingstamper said...

Hubby should like his card. I sure do!