an Red letter Day!

So, today I got to work this morning (late, snowed again and had to do some errands and feed Tim's livestock before i left, he wrenched his back but good on Saturday so. everything was behind) and I got to work and the first thing June says is sit down, I gotta tell you this story.
and so it went something like this, friday afternoon after I left work for the weekend a lady came into the office to pay and pick up some parts we made for her pellet stove. and it was raining cats and dogs on friday so June went out to the shop to fetch the parts ( they were small) and left this gal in the office alone. and when she came back this lady was flipping through a small basket of cards on Junes desk that I made. and she said... she manages M'bellish on Main Street... and she wanted to sell these cards in her store.
So I came home and put a few cards in one basket and some gift tags and cards into another and went down there to talk to her, she says' can I keep a few to show the owners? so I says sure take what you want. and she kept making piles in between customers and then after a while she says... we pay bills on Thursday's can we mail you a check? so she ended up flat out buying 17 of my cards and tags to sell in the store. wow.
and if they can sell them, she wants more later. mostly weddings and birthdays.
They have some in the store now that are handmade (not by me) that were a little too CAS for the price they were asking and they have not sold a single one of them either. ( but, I don't know how long they have had them in there, and so I do know that she was impressed that all of mine were different.)
so, now the birthday card stash is even lower. better go get busy and make some more.

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That is awesome so very happy for you.