Coloring again

So its been bugging me a lot lately that I have been "using" the right colors to have pretty skin tones with my copic markers... and I have "peach" colored people... so, I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at what other people have bench marked inside pinterest for copic tutorials.
and the mother child image above ( this was pif'd to me years and years ago, no idea what ink or paper or who sent her anymore) I have a stack of these. what ever the ink is, it smears slightly in the heavier lines of the sketch, but, funny thing there are NO COLORED samples of this stamp set inside the gallery at scs... they all used it as a line drawing sketch on their cards so. I didn't know if the baby's head should have hair ( and how much) and or is that is the mothers hand...
I think i do like both #3 &#4 ( bottom row) best. left the hair as a hint of color and no hair in the light spot of the baby's head.
this is the tutorial I looked at before I colored these. http://pinterest.com/pin/270356783850282553/ click the bombshell it takes you to the web site it came from. Did the fairy on the left a long time ago when I first got these sweetpea's in the mail, the one on the right was done right after the mama/baby above. she looks much more "real" and not a peach fairy. lol
so, I am thinking this is going to become a regular thing for me during the next little while to color and then color some more.

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