Well {Sad News}

If you read this blog to peek at stamped things you may want to skip this post, Very sad here today. Our furbaby Slick ( a 2 year old black lab) has had ear infections pretty much all winter (she dives in a swims under water to fetch the ducks) so, shes been on antibiotics and making frequent vet visits for months now, last month when i finally got rid of the ear infections i found a lump on her jaw bone and it seemed to double in size in like 3 days, so they put her back on antibiotics and sent out a sample of it to a lab to be tested. results came back that it was a cancerous lump ( after they had tried to remove it ) so, they went in again and tried to remove more of it, and found more new lumps, sent those out to be tested. they are also cancerous. so the vet leaves that latest tidbit as a message in DH's phone and says please come by my office so we can talk about this, i guess there is a specialist Vet in Medford (about 80 miles away) that may be able to do something. but when we got to the vets office this afternoon all the Dr's there had already gone home for the day. ( they only go in for emergency's or scheduled surgeries on Thursday and Fridays...) so now you know what i know, that i am worried this dog is the most Loving dog we have ever had and she's only two. We've been hearing from people that these cancerous lumps will not spread through her body but, they are like an old doggy thing. something that commonly happens to Labs when they are much much older. so now we are waiting for a Dr. to go to work and call us back again. what a deal hmm? You'd think if they could leave a partial message they would also set aside time to say when they have free time to meet. I spent some time upstairs when i got home and used up some scraps from a card from a few days ago to make another one but i will start a new thread with card photos for those people who are just looking at the photos. More later, Me

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