gave notice today at the LSS

so, that is almost over with. ah ha your thinking WHAT? the thing is I have given this a great deal of thought, and I spend so much time making cards for the the stores, and thinking of ideas for the stores and putting together packets for the stores and the teaching part is actually only a couple of hours twice a month. but all the behind the scenes time is actually almost as much time as i spend at my "real" job. and as soon as it stops snowing and becomes planting season/weeding/watering season there wont be time to do this the way I have been doing it, so i am ending it. Store owner is upset and that cant be helped but, its not my responsibility to keep her store going either. and i don't want to have that worry on my plate anymore. so, today i did not create anything at all. (just dinner) and that's kinda OK too. who knows maybe i will find time to scrapbook again... and cross your fingers finish off the atc swap. and so this is a good thing, My DH is excited about it too. Next on the list of things to plan is J's b-day which he is already totally excited about. :) More later, Me

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