Snow we have Snow hee hee

Shot these the week the computer was at the fix it shop, we ended up with two "snow days" of closed schools... ( This has never happened here in J's life as of yet) so, now he gets up really early on school days and watches the news with us to see if there will be more of them. (snow days)This is the first time we have had a blower (its on the front of the lawnmower) and is such a neat blessing, our driveway is pretty big, plus the width of the property is fairly good sized when you are coming home from work to shovel. :) view looking north from the kitchen sink window. View looking North East (that is a lilac bush) our neighbors bushes were almost on the ground on our side of the fence. We've had snow almost every day for about two weeks now but, it has not piled up, it gets warm enough in the day to melt off the streets and such. not too long before these photos were taken Tim had trimmed all the fruit trees and i had seen daffodils, and crocus stems coming up out of the dirt already. maybe the snow crocus will make an appearance soon? More later, Me

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