Introducing the newest Member

Of our family. he is 4 months old and we have narrowed down his name to about 4 or 5 of them now. :) This was shot in the truck on the way home from the breeders. ( some of the kindest nicest people we have ever met) http://grousecreeklabs.com/ This one was taken along the creek near the barn, The chickens are allowed to run in a space between this fence, and their coop built into the barn so, they take advantage of that when its warm. So far so good. ( However he is Not housebroken yet) His mama is Heidi if you peek at the breeders site and both his parents have tons of ribbons and awards and Wow did we learn a lot of interesting things while we were there. Lots to do. :) More later, Me

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Nancy Maxwell James said...

such a handsome one! I love labs!