Good News and stupid stuff

Lets start with the good News... there is a puppy breeder (akc black labs) who actually has a puppy ready to go in N. Ca that the parents are champion etc etc... won awards and such. so we have a road trip planned for Sunday to go meet the puppy (and probably bring him home with us ) The Vets have given Slick less then a year. she had tumors removed from her jawbone twice in February. ( its already grown back and double the size its ever been) there are more on her jaw, this is an aggressive cancer that the vet we have is a little dumbfounded by it as it usually happens in Older Labs. { she's 2 years old} She is doing good for the most part. still eating still playing with her toys, just sleeping a lot too. On another note, the tty phone arrived today. Its not a phone. its a box with a keyboard. its so two deaf people can type at each other. lolololololol since no one in my family has one of these phones its a pretty pointless thing for me to have since most of them can only use their emails to forward jokes. and they dont have a screen to read what i am typing at them... I'm debating if i should just box it back up and mail it back where it came from. I was lead to believe i would receive an PHONE that i could pick up and talk into that would just play typed words on a screen that the other person said. that is not what i have. but, if i do hook up what i have i can then ignore it and activate something in the cell phone that will go through a sprint relay and read conversations on the cell phone. keep in mind that the screen is not really that big on phone... Not sure how that will go over either. whine whine whine... ( and no cheese on hand) J's having a sleep-over tonight and oh i wish they were asleep! ;) More later, Me

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