some recent cards

These are just some simple ones... after throwing a fit and selling off so many of my SU stamps last summer ( IE hissy fits about non existent angel policy) I have Purchased a few more over the last couple of months and told myself i better use them. It was harder then i expected it to be. This one i am not happy with at all the "wings" part is a one direction stamp ( which i didn't notice that looking at the photo in their catalog) so to get it balanced you'd have to flip one side over and use the non stamped side to make it work. I am messing around with things i have and using Pink as a base thinking of embellishments i could make as a gift for Alice since she is working on her younger dd's wedding album... and so when i ordered these it was with the thought that they would be really elegant and fun to play with. This card was done with left over scraps from the card above. its A-2 sized. I do have photos of the last two classes i will teach cards ready to go and may post them later, but this is pretty much it for the moment. tfl.

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