WOYWW # 422 {crackled oxided stenciling stuffs}

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 So, lets see. I did do some online shopping last week because ( this is partially Dina's fault ) she had linked up to this electric eraser for coloring with colored pencils... and it was really cheap ( found here) and so, I happened to notice a bunch of things on my add on list had dropped in prices and I picked up another stencil, some extra erasers, a stick thing that I am not entirely sure how it works but, its been on the wish list a long time ( for gluing gems) and a CC designs poppy stamp..beyond that is how I walked away from the desk on monday night.

 On sunday I had spent some time messing around with this crackle paste through that poinsettia stencil. ( I never remember to bring a container of water upstairs for them so by the time I got it to the sink it had dried on to it) and monday after work I decided to try a few more things, this one was kraft cardstock that had the crackle looking stencil sprayed through it with a couple of colors then I patted some oxide inks through the poinsettia stencil over that then covered the whole thing with crackle paste and then rubbed more oxide inks over the top. the drying time just kills me so, walking away. I will mess around with this some more maybe friday ish.

To the left of that the other half of the kraft that used the same stencil, I had just sprayed color through the one piece and then on the one above I had sprayed a second time with a darker green so, the stencil was inky and I flipped it to use the spray pattern as a stamp onto the one layer of ink side and then eventually cut that into a couple of tags. That card is the one that started it all. you can see more shots of it here.
 and if you don't hear from me today don't panic, being late is my new standard haha. I have about 85% of the stuff I had packed up from the kitchen and what used to be the home office into ds bedroom. ( which I have to get out of there and dust before he gets home again)
 So far on the kitchen the only change is the wall ovens are in, the dishwasher and cook top joined the cook top's vent in the garage and the refrigerator needed re ordered? so, since I am piling things back up in the "library" the work in there will come to a stand still too even though the flooring should arrive this weekend. It has to sit for a while before it can be nailed in anyways.This is about it for me right now, thanks for stopping by!


Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, I have one of those electric erasers, they really are useful. I've found they will often remove stray specks of embossing powder, and sometimes inky mistakes. Love the sound of all that stencilling, you will read about my stencil clean up mishap when you get to mine! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shax #10 XxX

Sharon Madson said...

Cool! Another enabling post! LOL Beautiful work. #40

Angela Radford said...

Brilliant Stacy really enjoyed reading the post today. You have just reminded me that I also have one of those erasers! it must be hidden in one of my drawers Lol! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x18x

Jan Ltc said...

What a great desk. TFS Happy WOYWW xx Jan (31)

Plush Possum Studio said...

These are really pretty!!! Love that texture.
Rose #22

glitterandglue said...

Hi Stacy. Goodness - I think I would need to sit next to you to understand all that you have been doing. Great results, though! Well done.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #7

Bubbles said...

I adore poinsettias... and your results from your stencils are brilliant :)
Have a wonderful WOYWW Wednes-YAY!!!
Bubbles #1

May said...

Love the stencils the effect is beautiful... Lovely bunch of new stash... glad to hear the kitchen is coming along... Have a happy week ahead... May #11

SusanLotus said...

Beautiful result!

I do not participate this week, I still have to visit blogs from last weeks WOYWW and this week I´m just looking around.

Happy week to you!

Lindart said...

VERY busy desk today! Your card with the paste is beautiful - I love texture! It must be hard to live around your kitchen renovations, but won't it feel good when it's all done! Thanks for sharing, Lindart #35