WOYWW # 422 {un-mounting again }

Happy belated desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more or play along
 the link up is here at Miss Julia's blog .
 So, all those stamps that were just willy nilly pulled off the wood blocks sometime last year and set aside because, other projects took priority were moved from the corner to the table. ( and I started stamping them off and re-sorting them.) so, this plastic box contains the last of many boxes of them what were sorted leading up to these tuesday night shots.
I have been more organized about this since these were dealt with. such as you know deliberately looking for stamps to pull that fit categories that are under construction of pockets now. to fill sheets up. which of course makes me feel very impressed with my self on that account. because, I really don't enjoy doing this, but I do like the end result. and our temperatures are still at broiled alive outside so, even with the little window ac on upstairs it is still in the high 80's up there.

 This little pile has some that the original foam did not want to remove from the rubber, so I tried leaving them in the freezer and that did not do anything for me. and I was afraid to nuke them in a microwave so, I ended up scraping at that foam with an exacto knife. Which works but, was really a sticky mess.

 on top of the big shot is a container that has some sorted stamps with indexes stamped on cardstock for the plastic pockets. closer is some dies that were used on a card either and under that is some happy mail from The Cats Pajama's that came on monday and I have not played with them yet but, did remove them from the original packaging and put them into plastic pockets so far.

and this is why the un-mounting thing seems like an uphill battle. that altered bakers rack in the far back top right corner... every one of those trays is filled with wood mounted sentiments. but, I do have to say that so far the pockets that were laminated and moved to the book shelf next to it are saving so much space its really encouraging me to continue with the project.

Our son is home on leave and he had a couple of projects he wanted to do making flags for a gift from wood with brass from ammunition as the stars and so, this was a peek at the temporary "desk" he had going in the back. by the time Wednesday had rolled around the first flag was finished and the second one was almost done. but, blogger had other ideas about letting me post yesterday. I don't have any finished flag shots in google photos yet or I would have flashed you with that. they turned out pretty impressive. I will take one and edit this post. ( if it ever decides to post)
 a side view

 :) thanks for stopping by!


cath doher said...

So Happy for you all!

CherylQuilts said...

Wow, Stacy, you are really working on those stamps to get them unmounted. It is a LOT of work but well worth it (I think...haha!). But if it helps us find and use things, it's good. And it sure saves space. I love the flag your son made...amazing! Hope it cools down soon and that you get the renovations done sooner than planned. One can hope! Hugs! xoxo

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy, I read somewhere that you could put the wood mounted stamps in the microwave to release them but have never tried it. Great Flag! I don't know how you manage in that heat, it's been warm here in the UK but not as hot as that. Have a great belated woyww and thanks for the visit to mine, Angela x16x

Helen said...

I have also heard that putting the stamps in the microwave works too... I'd couldn't bear to un-mount my stamps although I would appreciate the space! Have a great week - what a fabulous flag! Helen #1

Lindart said...

When I have a problem with the foam not coming off, I heat the front of the stamp (not the foam) with my heat gun. It takes a lot of heat to melt rubber, so the heat from the heat gun does not damage it, but it does heat the glue below, which allows for the foam to come off! It doesn't take a lot of heating, just several waves back and forth on the stamp, and you may have to repeat a few times until the glue lets go, but that's how I've been successful! Good luck! Thanks for sharing (sorry I'm late!) Lindart #37

May said...

That's a lot of work Stacey to un-mount those stamps... I just leave them as they are but like you say the space would be nice... your son has done an amazing job on the flag... in that heat too...Here in the UK it's hot but nothing on what you guys are having... Keep cool... Take care... May #4