WOYWW # 419 {not a thing}

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if I had done the normal cell phone above the table type shot, you would have a view of a neekid grid pad of paper ha ha. Last weekend after cleaning I had seen a featured stamper card that I really liked that the total draw of it for me was the printed paper the lady used. So, I had the bright idea to look through my pink papers... which lead to a sorting purging session that included all the pinks, (paper and cardstock, red's, burgundies, purples, greens and Christmas papers.) So, off to the top left of the file cabinets is about an inch and a smidge over of 12" papers I will never use. (purge pile) and this of course took hours. The blues, yellows, oranges and neutrals are still to go. because, I do like how the others turned out. ( I can actually see the shades in the cardstock holders) 

Today is flag day in the U.S. and my favorite gpa is arriving in town today on the train so, between driving all day for work and visiting I may not make the rounds until tomorrow or friday ( probably from work) this post took a little over an hour to do this morning. ( I have to haul my computer to work and download some things there I think (where I have a fiber line)
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Sharon Koole said...

I have to admit that my paper is in no way organised. I know I have too much of it (is that a thing?). I see pretty paper and I end up buying it (preferably on sale). I can't imagine getting rid of much of it lol.

Sharon K #38

Angela Radford said...

I feel bad about the papers I've got as I have bought loads in the past and then not used them. Having a sort out is a good idea maybe it's what I need to do then I might get round to using more of them instead of hoarding them. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x16x

Shaz Brooks said...

I totally agree, we all have paper we are either 'saving for a special project' or just know we will never use. A good sort out is needed, I may join you! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #9 XxX

May said...

Your crafty space is lovely... I must confess I still have drawers full of my special paper that I don't wont to use how crazy is that... I think I will make up some scrapbooks for my Grandbabies to use it all up... Have a great crafty week ahead.... May #29

Katie @ Arnold's Attic said...

What a fabulous workspace!
Have a super weekend,
Katie xx44